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Default Re: SyncML PRO / Oracle - All-Day event curiosity

I've noticed this happen before in a specific situation. If for any reason (like a crashed session) the app needs to do a new Slow Sync, the following will happen:

- All-day appts will either duplicate (Todo+Cal) or duplicate as a 24hr-long event (SyncML PRO)
- Appts last modified on the Oracle Calendar server by a designate will duplicate
- Appts deleted on the Oracle Calendar server but still present on the iPhone will be synced back to the server.

Take care not to interrupt the sync session either by hitting the Cancel button or syncing in an area with weak Wifi or cell data signal. If it does happen and you don't have any new or changed events on the iPhone that need to go back to the server, your best bet is to change the mode to Reload Device for a one-time fix. This will wipe the calendar on the device and refresh it one-way from the server.
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