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Default Re: Android(synthesis) - Funambol - Thunderbird

Originally Posted by bfo View Post
Duplicates are usually a server issue, as the server is doing the matching of the client and server items at slow sync. The SyncML client has no influence on that.
I am not sure about that in this case.
I can select various active contacts in the contacts preferences of the synthesis client. And the synthesis client defaulted to whereas funbambol defaulted to com.funambol.
Only realized that later on ;-(
But then I don't see any categories listed as such in the android contacts entry, but both entries are listed as Funambol contacts (title). (Is that the category?)

Now if I knew where to nuke the whole contacts DB I could play that again....
Ahh, found it.

If I nuke all entries and the sync again (option download to device) the app thinks all is in order and syncs nothing.
If I force the download, (reload device) it downloads entries but I don't see them in the contacts db.

The different calendars can be included/excluded at the settings -> events menu. Their origin will be transferred in the categories field, so it can be assigned back correctly to the corresponding Android calendar.
By default, only the first calendar is switched on.
I get offered id=1, id=2, id=3 and
All the three id thingies are switched on. The gmail stuff is off (don't want anything to leak over there accidentially, that's the whole reason I bother with syncml).

How should the app know the categorization of the calender stuff on the server beforehand? Have not found it in the funambol docs either...

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