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Default Re: How to sync to the phone phonebook

Originally Posted by afx View Post
Well, no change needed at the moment, But it looks like you need to learn more about the Android APIs ;-)
This is a bit cheeky isn't it ??
We always have to learn, that's true.

Fact is: The current version of the Android client has implemented the old Contacts access without any account system for Android 1.5 and 1.6.
For Android 2.X it switches automatically to the new API with the ContactContract system (with the support of more than one account). This is visible on the main screen with a green icon for 1.X contacts and a red icon for 2.X contacts. So both systems are implemented and integrated, I don't think I have to learn more about that ). I have the impression you're underestimating our code .

What we have seen is that not all devices behave completely the same.
For example if you're using a Nexus One and write to account <none>, there will be no error, but items will not be visible anywhere. Other devices might write them to the internal phone book. The Android client reads all available address books from the account manager and makes them visible in the choice you see in the settings. The internal address book is not a separate account. Newer devices like DroidX do not even show all accounts correctly there, it's not that easy, it's a mess.
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