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Default No contacts shown in addressbook

I'm using a Sony Xperia S with Android 4.0.4. After the latest Synthesis PRO update I cannot see any of the Synthesis contacts in my address book. When looking in the "Filtering" menu there is no entry for the address book created from the synthesis client (the one selected for synchronizing towards memotoo).

Addressbook sync works without problem, it's just that I can not get them to show up in my Address Book.

I guess it could be a problem with the Sony address book application, but all other address book sources are shown (Facebook, Google, Phone Contacts) I have tried to enable all address book sources but they still don't show up. If a contact is shown from another source (such as facebook) that I also have in my Memotoo account, I will see the Memotoo information in there.

Is the Synthesis account supposed to show as one of the address book sources?
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