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Default Re: SyncML PRO / Oracle - All-Day event curiosity

I'm having the exact same problem... Did you ever find a resolution for Notes in oracle calendar, showing up as all day events after being sync'ed by syncml?

Originally Posted by dholcomb View Post
Hi there,

When I sync my oracle calendar events to the calendar on my iPhone (2G running iOS4), it adds all of the events seemingly correctly. And for several re-sync's things go fine. Eventually however some "all day" events which transferred to the iPhone just fine, now show up as a 12:00am -11:59pm event on the server, in addition to the original all-day event. Curiously enough, after subsequent sync's the additional 12-11:59 events never seem to show up on my phone. This has the unfortunate effect of making me look like I am busy ALL DAY to people who look me up on the Oracle server.

Any Idea what is causing this, and or how to recitify the situation?

Thanks Much.

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