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Default Re: Synthesis for Android needs to stay in focus for sync to complete

The app is not slow. It's just that if I alternate to another app (holding home button) while Synthesis is syncing, as soon as I alternate back to Synthesis, Synthesis' status is idle (as if the Sync button hadn't been pushed). No updated sync status, nothing. It's as if I'd just opened the app that very moment.

I don't think it's the case of Android running out of memory and closing Synthesis, because this happens immediately (alternate out of Synthesis and then back again).

Maybe it's just my device (Xperia X8, Android 2.1). Not the best device.

Anyway, no big deal. I just put it to sync and go do something else.

I can't test now because I'm on a very slow connection (download speed is ~2Kb/s), but as soon as I'm home I'll test again.


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