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Default Multiple Calendars on Iphone Client

Hoping someone can help me with this.
Using Todo+Cal iPhone app to sync mdaemon contacts and calendars.
Seems to work brilliantly when using ONE calendar. Adding a second seems to just cause problems.

Have set it to sync main work calendar/contacts/tasks in the "default profile", then added a second profile that will just sync the public calendar for court apperances.
I can then sync both calendars to the phone fine (looks messy in that they are all crammed into one calendar in the app as apposed to be being able to select them individually like the iPhone calendar can - but it works).... BUT when i then sync the profiles again, every entry is synced to both calendars.
So I have appearance dates in my main calendar and also appointments in my court diary.

Is it possible to get round this. To add entries to SPECIFIC calendars and have them sync back up properly? Even better IS there a way to show the calendars seperately like the iphone calendar can do?

Would love to be able to use "multiple calendars" like the description for the app says, but at the moment it seems impossible.

Anyone got a solution?

Thanks in advance
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