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Question Synthesis Sync ML vs Funambol


I setup an account with and i installed Synthesis syncml on my treo 600 for syncing all my contacts, agenda, todo and note.

I also install syncML for evolution running on ubuntu 8.04 and finally i installed on others windows computer Mozilla Thunderbird with syncML plugin.

On my treo 600, Synthesis SyncML is still in demo mode 28 days.

Calendar, note and todo sync perfectly on all platform.

I'm having issues with contact sync. Some fields are not sync correctly and email fanished from palm treo and eventually make email lost every where in evolution, and thunderbird.

So i setup an hybrid system on the treo.

I downloaded funambol plugin for treo. It can sync only contact in palm system.

The synchronisation is working perfectly with contact this time but is very slow with that plugin.

The syntesis plugin for palm is far faster but dont work (contact) for me. I will appreciate if someone can tell me what is going wrong with it.

I still have 28 days left to make it works with synthesis plugin only.

Sorry for my bad english...
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