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Default Re: Time syncs with v1.8 do not appear to work...

Originally Posted by bfo View Post
Ok, thanks for clarification.

In the "adb logcat" all alarm calls are shown with log entries.
Are they available in "background" as well or are they suppressed on your device ?


/me gives back a blank stare.

If the logs are suppressed, it is by default. How can I tell?

By the way. It appears to be working sporadically now. I believe part of the problem was that I use Advanced Task Killer. I had set it to Auto-kill at a safe level and have since turned it off. Since then it has been working a little better...still not consistent. I just sent off some logs to show what is going on. I have the interval set at 2 minutes right now to get near instant feedback on whether it is working or not.
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