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I got this reply from Synthesis to my e-mailed question. Kind of disappointed that there is no calendar access yet. I plan on pinging my Apple rep to see if they can move that along maybe.

Dear Customer,

this is an automated response to your email asking about availability of a SyncML client for the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod touch devices we have announced.

The Synthesis SyncML client for iPhone is written, tested and was posted to Apple within the time frame Apple set for initial submissions to the App Store.

So we've done everything for a timely appearance at the App Store. Unfortunately Apple never guaranteed that all applications would be available at July 11th, and does not share any information about when a particular application will actually get available at the store. We're waiting for it as do many other developers around the world...

Just search for "Synthesis SyncML" in the App Store search or browse the "Business" and "Utilities" categories.

The initial release will be a free download from the App Store, supporting only contact sync. Calendar synchronisation is prepared, but at this time Apple does not allow access to the calendar data yet. The Synthesis SyncML client for iPhone will become a paid application once it is complete with calendar synchronisation.

We hope that it will be a matter of only days until you can download our SyncML client for the App Store. In the meantime, you can visit our iPhone page at where you can already download the manual for the software to get a first impression.

Please note that there is no other way than through App Store to deliver the software itself, so you'll have to wait until Apple posts it there.

Thank you for your patience!
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