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We have posted the iPhone SyncML client to the App Store in time (contacts only at this time, but as a free app for compensation until we can support the calendar).

However, like many other software developers, we are waiting for the review at Apple to complete - the first 500 apps that appeared at July 11th seem to be chosen by criteria not related to in-time submission, nor anything else we could influence. Most probably the selection was "a little bit of everything" and involving pretty much random (which lead to 3 or 4 flashlight programs...).
Apple indicated to us that everything is ok with our app so far and we should just wait and check status - so we hope the application will appear soon.

Regarding the lack of calendar API - I guess it will help if Apple hears from as many (especially corporate) customers as possible that this is a key issue, so if you have a way to let them know, please use it.
Once the API is made public it'll be a matter of weeks until we can support calendar sync - everthing is prepared.

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