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We are well aware of competitors, and we have explored the jailbreak path ourselves as well. Accessing the calendar on a jailbroken device is possible, but involves reverse engineering of internal APIs and structures Apple can change with every minor firmware upgrade.

Apple has made it abundantly clear that it doesn't give a s*** about what it's customers say, or 2.0 would have included features like copy-n-paste.
Well, I'm not convinced this is true. Until I have proof they deliberately omit features, I think it's simply a matter of lacking developer power to fulfill all the feature requests right now. As annoying as the current limitations of the iPhone and it's SDK undoubtedly are, as much do I appreciate the strong architectural hand which is very visible in the SDK (and especially its evolution path from the raw APIs - those revealed by the jailbreakers - over 8 beta versions to what is currently in iPhone OS 2.0). But this needs time, and forbids quick bolt-on of requested features.

So why do we believe that they will hear additional cries from us about opening more of the API?
They would certainly not directly admit that they hear it, that's part of the game. That does not mean they actually don't hear...

If you are aware who we should be writing to, I have a few hundred folks where I work who would LOVE to start a write-in campaign. Just tell us where to send our tales of woe and angst.
Organisations and enterprises buying iPhones usually have Apple contacts whose job is to listen to what their customers need. For individuals, posting to Apple discussion boards might also help.
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