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Default An easy to implement improvement

On the iPhone, swiping allows to go from todo view to calendar views : month, day, list.

I most use the calendar list view and todo : this makes me swiping through all views.

The easy to implement idea, is just to make it round :
  • swiping right on the list calendar brings to the todo
  • swiping left on the todo brings back to the list calendar

Another wish is to have a button to go back directly to level 0 (I use 4 levels of categories).

Also, if one day you get direct access to iPhone's Calendar, please don't merge it with your calendar except the user wants that : I have two different jobs, and i am very happy to use ToDo+Cal+Sync for one where it is appropriate, and iPhone's calendar for the other one. I certainly don't want both of them in the same calendar.

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