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Unhappy Duplicate events between SyncML and Memotoo


My system is:
  • Android 2.1, rooted, Xperia X8
  • Synthesis SyncML version 2.1.10
  • Syncing with

I've been having problems with duplicate events appearing, but I can't figure out where the duplication starts (SyncML or server).

I've been having to: sync, search and delete duplicates on server, sync again (and repeat process until all duplicates have been deleted, until they reappear on the next sync).

The text below shows one pair of duplicates:

[10-08-2011 - 18:30  20:30] ed mota Private :: Modification date: 09-12-2011 - 15:20 (G.M.T. -3)
[10-08-2011 - 20:30  22:30] ed mota Private :: Modification date: 09-12-2011 - 15:19 (G.M.T. -3)
Notice that:
  1. The time of the event shifted two hours (the correct time is 20:30, but it moved back to 18:30)
  2. There is a one minute time difference in the modification times between each one of them

    I'm not sure if the two-hour change is related, but although we're normally at GMT -3h, we are currently in daylight saving time and at GMT -2h.

    This only happens with events. Never with contacts.

    Can you please offer some guidance on solving this problem? Once I clean it up, it reappears on the next sync...


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