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Default Re: Duplicate events between SyncML and Memotoo

Originally Posted by bfo View Post
Try again with V2.2.7

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Hmmm... no joy. What's happening:
  1. I have/had ~140 events on my calendar
  2. After Normal sync, now I have duplicates on the phone, but not necessarily in Memotoo
  3. Sync again, and Synthesis report "Sync incomplete... 70 events rejected"
  4. Normal Sync again: Sync successful, 140 events, unmodified on both sides
  5. Slow sync: Sync Incomplete with 135 rejects, deleted 135
  6. Normal sync: Sync successful, ~140 events, data unmodified...
  7. Memotoo now showing duplicate events. Clean them in memotoo...
  8. Normal Sync: Sync failed with 11 rejectes, deleted 11...
  9. Normal sync: 140 events, data unmodified...

  • Events from my Work calendar on Android moved to my Personal calendar in Memotoo

Let me test a bit more and see if I can get more information.

What's the best way to post a log file (or send it to support)?


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