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Old 2008-12-08, 22:46
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Default SyncML Standard Hangs PDA

Standard version of SyncML will hang and all but lock up the WinMobile device. This is a random event on all of our windows mobile can work and sync fine for weeks and then one day nothing. Some are worse then others and mobile 6.1 sometimes never works.

Device1: Samsung i760(6 of them) winmobile 6.0 and 6.1. Its MUCH worse on the 6.1 devices.

Device2: Samsung i770(3 of them) winmobile 6.1. It has never worked.

Once you hit sync it will say "starting...." and then the device will have to be reset. It will hang there indefinitely and chew up battery life.

Heres why i think its Syncml and not something else:

-Latest Syncml client trying many different settings.
-Internet tests fine.
-Antha software vpn connects and can check mail normally(imap with phone....Mdaemon server)
-Monitoring VPN hardware logs(Cisco ASA) and there is no traffic or errors with the login once synml starts.
-Disabled phone and used WIFI with same results so its not Verizons network.

So to sum up its not our mail server, our vpn hardware or our vpn software client. its not the device or the data service. We've ruled out everything but Syncml which is why i created this post.

At this point we are considering bailing on SyncML if we cant get this working. With no tech support phone number this is my only option left. Please advise.

Thank you.
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