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Old 2009-09-23, 18:19
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Default Todo+Cal contact data duplication

iPhone 3g 3.1

I setup this software on my iPhone. I've used it for many years on a Treo. When I look at the data on our Oracle Calendar server each contact looks as expected:

Name: Joe User
Home phone: (123) 555-5555
Cell phone: (123) 555-1234

When I sync Contacts with the server it duplicates each phone number for every user.

Name: Joe User
Home phone: (123) 555-5555
Cell phone: (123) 555-1234
Home phone: (123) 555-5555
Cell phone: (123) 555-1234

I've restored my iPhone to factory settings and made sure the Contacts db was clear first and tried this again and got the same results. I exported the contacts db on my Oracle account to a CSV file and confirmed that they are not duplicated there.

I've also configured the sync to "Reload Device" and that doesn't help either. During a "Normal Sync", you would assume that the server would get the duplicates at that point, but they don't. So the problem appears to be on the iPhone side only.

Is this a bug with the software or with the latest version of the iPhone OS?
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