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Old 2009-11-25, 13:43
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Exclamation Problem in SDK Version 1.5.2 Csharp Sample


I have downloaded the SDK version (which is the latest). The name of file I got is This contains samples in C#, C++, JAVA & Delphi. It also has manuals for SDK and configuration.

The C# sample I am using as primary reference is importing a DLL through DllImport attribute. The SDK manual refers to a DLL to be used for this but I did not get it in the download.. With some trial and error I found that sysync_client_engine_DEMO.dll is able to open a connection (through ConnectEngineS method). But the next method call in the program throws "ExecutionEngineException" which means that the method either does not exist or the parameters passed do not match in count or data types. I am trying to find out which is the exact DLL to be used here but the download does not seem to have it. I am not sure if I have to generate this DLL myself. Since the DLL I have is not a COM component I have no other way of finding its public members. Also I did not find any documentation which shows a flow - the order in which to call the methods for proper use to the SDK.

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