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Old 2011-09-26, 01:00
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Default Widgets cause HTC Sense to freeze


I am using an HTC Droid Incredible S that runs Android 2.3.3 and HTC Sense 2.1 with version 2.0.17 of Synthesis SyncML Pro

If I have the 'Notes' or the 'Tasks' widgets on any of my desktops I find that HTC Sense freezes and often I get the 'HTC Sense has stopped responding' window that asks if I want to 'wait' or 'force close'

The problem very often happens after I wake the device (i think from deep sleep mode causes the most, or maybe all freezes)
The 'Starting Sync' notification is not displayed at this time.

It is almost as if the client is causing HTC sense to wait while it connects to the SyncML server and updates the number of tasks etc when the device wakes. (Please note that my server uses HTTPS, HTTP Auth, Standard Auth, and SyncML version 1.1 and latency can be poor so connections may be slow)

The Synthesis Pro client seems to run great in the background and if I disable the widgets the freezing stops completely. I have also tried testing the 'notes' and 'tasks' widgets separately. They both cause the problem, and when they are both enabled at the same time, the wait duration is even worse.

Many Thanks,
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Old 2011-11-02, 13:23
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Default Re: Widgets cause HTC Sense to freeze

Frequent updating of widgets is in fact a problem.

We've released V2.1.10 of the Android app yesterday which reduces the widget update frequency now to 6 seconds.

So this will probably solve the freezing problem you describe for "Sense".
Keep me updated if it resolves the problem.

Best Regards
Beat Forster, Synthesis AG
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