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Default Trouble Syncing iPhone Todo+Sync with OCS/Outlook

Hi All,

I have bought last week Todo+Sync for iPhone in the AppStore. The version I have installed in my iPhone (firmware 2.2) is 1.5.0 (SyncML Engine Version and I am trying to Sync with OCS/Outlook.

My focus now is in synchonize correctly todos, I’m not concerned yet with calendar Sync.

When I sync with OCS server, the todos are synced both ways, but I have 2 major problems:

1. todo+sync in iPhone seems not to understand the status of tasks in the the OCS server, because all tasks downloaded from OCS appear in iPhone with status completed.
2. although it brings the due dates from server, it does not sort by due date.

Here goes my settings:

SyncML Version: SyncML DS 1.2 / OMA DS 1.2
Ignore SSL erros: OFF

Todos Settings:
Sync Mode: Normal Sync
Server Path: ./calendar/tasks
Include Tags: ON (tried also with Include Tags OFF, same issues)

Can anyone pls help me?

thanks in advance.
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