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Old 2010-08-14, 02:18
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Default Active SyncML Calendars?


I've seen this option in the Android client, but I can't find any documentation about it. What does it provide?

I only see there calendars that I had created on my Google Calendar which I once synchronized with my Android.

Also, I have created a ScheduleWorld calendar with 3 calendars and 3 event categories, but when I import the events from ScheduleWorld into my Android with Synthesis it doesn't use the correct categories.

Also, I have tried to sync with Memotoo, using a specific profile for each category. It seems to work, but I've seen that the profile doesn't save the status of "Active SyncML Calendars" that I have switched ON or OFF. I think this is a bug.


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Old 2010-08-25, 19:02
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Default Re: Active SyncML Calendars?

I hope this fixed now with the new version
The active calendar switches are currently global, not per profile.
We will extend this for one of the next releases.

Beat Forster, Synthesis AG
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