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Old 2011-01-03, 19:26
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Default "Create Account" in Event Sync Settings?


Can someone explain to me how to use the "Create Account" function in the event synchronization settings?

I don't quite understand the relation between the two input fields (default values "Synthesis" and "cal1").

Also, when I tried to create an account with the default values, the account only showed up as a contact account (both in the Contact app and in the Synthesis contact sync settings), but not as a new calendar...


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Old 2011-01-09, 20:54
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Default Re: Calendar Categories

Calendars are not accounts, they are only account-based.
Addressbooks (Contacts) however are accounts.

So you can create a new account (either in contacts or events) and use it. But you can have more than one calendar using the same account.
That's not a Synthesis idea, that's the not really orthogonal concept of Android.
Android 1.X does not have accounts at all.

Beat Forster, Synthesis AG
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