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Old 2006-11-16, 23:24
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Default Sync Server w/Nexthaus Outlook client

We are using the Sync ML server:
Synthesis Sync Server (standalone, ODBC)
with the Nexthaus Outlook client 3.1.39

When the Nexthaus Outlook client tries to sync with the
SyncML server, the server goes into a loop at 100% CPU.

We have enabled SyncML debug logging as follows:
<enable option="all"/>
<enable option="db"/>
<disable option="exotic"/>
<disable option="rest"/>
<disable option="objinst"/>
<disable option="scripts"/>

However, the log file shows little:
[2006-11-06 13:37:00] ==== Config file 'c:\sync\syncserv_odbc_std.xml' read: Last Config Change=2006-11-06 21:36:57, Debug=0xFFFF,
[2006-11-06 13:37:00] ==== Config file ID = 'RELEASE: STD Server Distribution: Standard layout, Interbase, generated 2006-Apr-11
[2006-11-06 13:37:11]

====== Mon Nov 6 13:37:11 2006

[2006-11-06 13:37:11] ====== New Request passed to TXPTSessionDispatch::handleXPTRequest, RequestCount=1
[2006-11-06 13:37:11] client requests Connection KEEP-ALIVE
[2006-11-06 13:37:11] ===> Content-Type = ''

Although the 'Content-Type' appears empty, this is
apparently not so as shown in attached Ethereal log files
(taken using Nexthaus clients and
The header order and inclusion of empty space
in some of the header lines, however, is different
between client versions.
(I seem to remember a SyncML server sensitivity to
header order and/or empty space in header lines
when we were testing our web-based SyncML client
some months ago...).

We contacted Nexthaus about this problem several
months ago, but they were unable to reproduce it
on their systems.

Is there any additional debugging or other information
that we can provide in order to resolve this problem?
I realize this may be a client-related issue, but the CPU
should not run at 100%, and in any case, we wish to
find a solution as soon as possible.

Any assistance that you can offer would be greatly
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Old 2006-11-23, 05:13
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Default Re: Sync Server w/Nexthaus Outlook client

Here is some more information about this problem:
1. If the standalone SyncML server is used (syncserv_xpt_odbc_std.exe), the looping problem occurs.

2. If the Apache2 module is used (sync.dll), the looping problem does not occur.

The client is still not syncing but for a different reason.
I will post more information once I find the cause for this.
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Old 2006-12-04, 21:56
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Exclamation Re: Sync Server w/Nexthaus Outlook client

The standalone uses the HTTP stack (xpt) from the official (open source) SyncML toolkit. This is not comparable to an IIS or Apache HTTP implementation.

The standalone is ok for testing and maybe local sync. But it should not be exposed to the internet, it is not hardened for that.

In particular, it might crash on ill-formed data. I'm not seeing something in the .pcaps, but we had cases where the xpt crashed from spurious network packages (not originating from the client). A hardened real web server will just ignore those, so that could be why it works with IIS/Apache - and that's why we recommend using those when exposing a server to the internet.
Lukas Zeller,
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