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Old 2008-03-31, 00:26
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Question Add item via remote

I have been testing the Synthesis PRO client ( on a Palm Treo755p. The server is an Icewarp (9.1.0). The server notes state that it has been tested with Synthesis.

I have discovered that adding any event on the palm (calendar particularly) results in the server log showing it as an Replace/update item rather than a new add item.

2008-03-30 15:52:57 sid:<..> (0.599) 
SYNC from Client for contacts
- ADD     Sent:   0  Added:      0  We have:       0  Chunked:   0  Error:   0
- DELETE  Sent:   0  Deleted:    0  We have not:   0
- REPLACE Sent:   1  Replaced:   0  Added:         1  Chunked:   0  Error:   0
SYNC from Client for events?/dr(-30,90)
- ADD     Sent:   0  Added:      0  We have:       0  Chunked:   0  Error:   0
- DELETE  Sent:   1  Deleted:    0  We have not:   1
- REPLACE Sent:   2  Replaced:   0  Added:         0  Chunked:   0  Error:   2
The calendar items added via the PDA will not sync. Contact items are added eventually (takes several slow syncs to correct). I haven't really bothered with tasks & notes (the boss is inflamed about this thing to begin with).

I am planning on increasing the logging but that will require a quick course on how to read the log. Currently, I am trying to determine whether the client or the server is 'responsible' for assigning whether the item is a new/update/delete item? In short, should I focus this as being a client or server issue?

I assume that the 'debug' client version is available via the website somewhere?

If you have any other useful comments they are welcome as well.


ps - Synchronize is spelled with one 's' and 'z', not two 's'es. I noted the spelling of Synchronisation rather than Synchronization on the client.
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