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Old 2007-01-18, 23:52
atlauren atlauren is offline
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Default 3.0 vs OCS

Regarding this note in the FAQ:
At this time, OCS does not contain a so-called "profile" for the 3.0 clients by default. This means that the basic synchronisation will work, but the "fine tuning" Oracle has done to make details like signalling meeting status and location will not work as expected.

We are working with Oracle to certify the 3.0 clients as soon as possible, and then a profile will be added to OCS. For the time being, the official recommendation is to continue using the version, which is still available here.

Another option is to manually install a profile for the 3.0 client in OCS. Basically, the profile for the 2.5 client can be duplicated and made match the 3.0 version number - however this needs OCS admin knowledge we can't provide.
Is this written regarding OCS version 9 or 10, specifically? I can't find any such profiles on my v9 installation of Oracle Calendar.

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Old 2007-01-19, 09:01
atlauren atlauren is offline
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Default Re: 3.0 vs OCS

I found the profiles, in the ocst.conf file. There appear to be several devices for Synthesis, but I can't determine which are for what versions:

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