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Old 2010-04-24, 00:22
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Default Android(synthesis) - Funambol - Thunderbird

I am trying to figure out how to sync my Android phone (HTC Desire, Android 2.1) with my Thunderbird/Lightning (Ubuntu). Addresses, calender and tasks. Lightning has multiple calenders, one local and one cached from a SoGo Server.

I can not use any WLAN connection to a company or public server as WLANs are a nogo for the company server and public servers are not allowed for the data...

So I installed funambol on the Ubuntu box, synced from TB and could see everything is there.
Then I tried to grab that from the funambol server into the Desire via the synthesis app over the USB tethering connection.
Took me a while to figure out that each sync solution sees different names for the data, but once that gotten sorted, I could grab the stuff from the funambol server.

But, the results are not pretty:
I had synced the contacts previously via the funambol app and ended up with a duplicate contacts set. The contacts application does not show my any differences between the dupes.

The calender sync grabs only my local lightning data but not the stuff from the SoGo server that is cached on Lighning (and also visible in funambol web interface, so it is available there).

So how can I make sure that the addresses are not duplicated?

And how can I influence what is grabbed from the calender? I want all calenders that I have cached on my Lightning, not just my local one.

PS: Using the funambol server for historic reasons, was thinking of trying the synthesis server and then realized I already forgot that registration pw and the web interface has no pw reset function ;-(
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android, funambol, lightning

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