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Old 2006-12-29, 16:06
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Default HTTP vs. HTTPS with syncserv

I have running under Apache on Linux. After enabling HTTPS in the Apache configs, I changed the URL from http:// to https:// on a Nokia N70 and performed a successful sync.

It turned out though, that suddenly duplicate contact entries appeared in the MySQL database; of originally 164 contacts, there were suddenly 88 more. After syncing again, another 80-84 appeared! A large number of additional duplicates also appeared when syncing with a Nexthaus BlackBerry client.

Is there a fundamental difference between running syncserv on HTTP and HTTPS?

Should I have left the URL on the mobile phone untouched? Could that be a reason?

I've since set `slowsyncstrategy' to "newer-wins" in the hope that duplicates won't be created.

Please help me understand what went wrong. Thank you.

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