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Old 2011-07-28, 10:53
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Default Contact images are not synced and cause duplicate entry on server

android 2.1
syncml STD 2.0.17
server eGroupware 1.8

In both the STD and the PRO version (I tried this in the tried version) the syncing of contacts which have images does not work properly, the images themself are not synced.
Consquently the syncback to server results in duplicate entries for all contacts which originaly have an image. The new duplicates do not have an image.

Events sync works fine.

Task sync seems to work fine, but I don't know where (in what App) the tasks are visible.

I have turned off contact sync and are using CardDAV-Sync-free now for this.

Anybody experiences the same problem ?
Is this a Bug ?

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Old 2011-08-23, 13:17
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Default Re: Contact images are not synced and cause duplicate entry on server

If you can't sync photos to eGW, this is probably a bug in the eGW software as they might not show the photo field definition correctly. Please contact them for advice. Creating duplicates because of that also sounds like a server problem.

There is some advice in our forum for configuration of the eGW server:
I only have the information about the german version.
The required settings are "Daten zusammenführen" (merge data)
and "Endgerät gewinnt" (device/client wins), then it should work as expected.

Best Regards
Beat Forster, Synthesis AG
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