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Old 2010-08-16, 04:14
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Default Trial Period per version trialled?

I tried a very early release of the Android client and unfortunately it almost destroyed my calendar by creating entries with my calendar name as the Category, which when the phone synced for the second time created duplicate entries for 1100 events.

Without much hesitation I uninstalled this version and moved on hoping for a Syncml client from someone somewhere.

I noticed there was a new version out yesterday (I don't check the site frequently) and downloaded the APK, installed it and can't seem to see the problem I was experiencing was fixed as the trial is invalid.

Do you have a 1 day trial available so I can see if the calendar syncing works before I buy the software again?
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Old 2010-08-25, 19:48
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Default Re: Trial Period per version trialled?

If you've bought it already, it works still with the same license code
(you write something of buying *again*, that's why I'm asking)

You can contact me by email for getting temporary license.
A new version is available since today.

Beat Forster, Synthesis AG
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