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Old 2010-07-11, 15:37
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Lightbulb syncml PRO: request to separate addressbook

Request to add a new addressbook (or source) so the addresses that I sync with from the syncml server (OC) sits in its own environment - and doesnt merge with my existing contacts from for example gmail or exchange.

Syncml: iOS 4 way to access only specific "sources" (i.e. local, gmail, exchange) within the address book, and that's probably what you'll need for your sync scenario. We'll add an option for selecting the source in a updated version of our apps, as your sync scenario makes perfect sense and we'd like to support it.

Additional: I would like to access the global contacts list from the syncml server. Now I only receive my own stored addresses. Would like access to the enterprise server addressbook that is available. So syncml would then create 2 adress sources both from OC: 1 personal & 1 enterprise adrdesses
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