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Old 2010-10-19, 01:05
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Default Samsung Galaxy S - Problems after Froyo update

Hi there,

after an update to the released Froyo on my Samsung Galaxy S, I encountered a problem:
Sync with Egroupware 1.6.003 and Synthesis 1.8.04 hangs after 20 of 74 contacts while syncing to the phone internal adress book. It does not matter ifI try a normal sync, slow sync or reload the client completely from the server. The message on the client says "waiting", it is not possible to cancel the syncronisation. I could only kill Synthesis with Advanced task killer.

Since I suspected a update problem, I then did a factory reset and re-installed Synthesis, with no effect.

After that, I downloaded the new version 1.8.22, but again the same symptom.

Since there is a new feature which allows to create a special synthesis account and tried to sync, but unfortunately the same problem.

Funny enough, I could sync my contacts with an alternative syncml client fron the Android marker, which synchronised all contact ssuccessfully, however to a separate account.

I wonder if there is any hint which could help to get Synthesis to sync again, since I would prefer to sync my syncml server to the phone and not a separate account.


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