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Old 2010-07-10, 14:49
edeca edeca is offline
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Default SyncML PRO bugs?

I am using as a server. I sync all my contacts to it, which works fine (but crashes a lot).

Then I update a contact, perhaps adding an email address or street address. The next time I sync from the iPhone it removes these addresses from the server and does not change the phone.

I have two-way sync enabled, local changes are allowed and I am doing a normal sync.

What is causing these changes to be lost? The only way I can update the iPhone is to force all local data to be deleted and restored from the server.
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Old 2010-07-29, 16:22
mesdjian mesdjian is offline
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Default Re: SyncML PRO bugs?

We are using Oracle Calendar and we are not seeing this issue with contact syncing. I am able to make changes on server and within the device and all changes are propagated correctly to the other side after syncing without losing any data.

But, we are seeing the following issues with day events and meeting syncing:

- day event on device gets turned into meeting on WC (12am-11:59pm)
- repeating day event & repeating meetings past date range limit will disappear after subsequent syncs from device calendar (they initially sync correctly and appear on device and server)
Subsequent sync will remove repeating set of day events/meetings outside the date range even though using following setting within SyncML Pro configuration

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